Earthquake in Taiwan: Taiwan was shaken by 3 earthquakes, why is there a risk of earthquake in Taiwan?- Watch Video

Publish Date: 19 Sep, 2022 |

After Saturday, there were earthquake tremors in Taiwan on Sunday as well. The magnitude of these tremors is being reported as 6.9 on the Richter scale. A tsunami warning has been issued after the earthquake in southeast Taiwan. After Sunday's earthquake, a train car derailed and a building also collapsed. So far, no information has been given on whether anyone has died in these accidents or not. According to the US Geologic Survey, the tremors occurred at around 2.45 am local time. There have been about 100 aftershocks in Taiwan within 24 hours. After all, what is it here that this country often suffers so many shocks.

Earthquakes are quite a common occurrence in Taiwan. Often the tremors are strong. It has been told by the Central Weather Bureau that from 1900 to 1990, about 2200 earthquakes occurred every year in the country, out of which 214 were dangerous. In 1991, when the seismic network was improved, it became easier to detect earthquakes.

Dangerous earthquake

In the year 2016, there was an earthquake in Taiwan. More than 100 people died in this. Whereas in the year 1999 earthquake, more than 2000 people died. A tsunami warning has been issued by the Japan Meteorological Department near Taiwan. The Meteorological Department has said that about three feet high waves can rise. A tsunami warning has also been given by the US Tsunami Warning Center. The islands that are at risk of tsunami are about 2000 km from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Meteorologists say that citizens should stay away from these areas.


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