Earthquake live video captured in CCTV, biggest impact in Nepal- Watch Video

Publish Date: 09 Nov, 2022 |

Earthquake live video: If there is an earthquake in Nepal, then the earth of India also trembles. The reason is the neighbouring Himalayan country and the movement in the Asian tectonic plate. The magnitude of the earthquake, which occurred at around 1:57 pm on the late night of 8 November, was 6.3. Depth 10 km below ground. Its centre was in Nepal towards east-southeast 90 km from Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand. Till now there has been no news of the loss of life and property, but the way the ground shook, people lost their sleep at night.

A total of 28 earthquakes have occurred in Nepal this year. This earthquake was the most intense on the Richter scale. Let us tell you how many earthquakes of how much intensity occurred in Nepal this year. Minor earthquakes keep on coming. There is no need to worry about them. Because the pressure created by the movement, collision and friction of the Earth's tectonic plates keeps coming out through these small earthquakes. But if the pressure continues for several days or months, then there is a possibility of a big earthquake. As was the intensity of the earthquake this time.

The lowest intensity earthquake in Nepal this year was 2.3. It came on 25 June 2022. This was followed by an earthquake of 2.6 magnitude on 26 August 2022. Now after this there were 12 earthquakes between the magnitude of 3 to 4 on the Richter scale. All these came in different months. The epicenter of five of these earthquakes was in the Shijang area of China. But not far from Kathmandu. So its effect was felt in Nepal but very mild.


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