Easy and Effective Vastu Tips for Success in Studies and Exam. Watch Video

Divya BhatiPublish Date: 16 May, 2022

The modern and Tech Savvy world has so many distractions, from TV to cell phones and tablets to gaming systems; the choices to get distracted from studies are endless. Parents often have a tough time trying to get their kids to settle down and focus on their studies. So with this special video we have brought you some simple yet effective Vastu tips to make your kids study well and excel in exams.

Vastu Tips For Success in Studies

Here are some Vastu Tips to attract Success in Studies-

  •  The best direction to study is while sitting in a North-East room facing North or East. 

  • Students should also keep their room well lit and have a good source of light. This helps in concentration, doesn't impact eyesight and is good in respect of Vaastu. 

  • Study on a good quality wooden table in rectangle and round shape. Avoid uneven or irregular shaped study tables. 

  • Always keep your study room and table clean. Clutter on the table often distracts and repels positive energy. 

  • Try hanging up a few motivational posters on the wall to get the right positivity and mood. 

  • Avoid facing directly to the window. 

  • Your study room should not be below the toilet or under a beam, staircase.

For More Tips from Expert Watch the Video. 

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