Easy Vastu For Infertility by Experts to increase chances of Pregnancy. Watch Video

Publish Date: 10 May, 2022 |

Pregnancy is a new chapter in any married couple's life. Children bring happiness and joy to every home. In today's world, it is quite normal to see a lot of cases of failed conceiving and that is due to a number of causes. In today's video, our Vastu expert, Leena Nigam gives Vastu tips which will help in childbirth.

Vastu For to Cure Infertility

  1. Hang or stick Happy Baby Pictures in the Bedroom.

  2. Keep laughing Buddha with a babies statue  in your bedroom.

  3. Clean your main entrance door on a regular basis.

  4. Clean and Remove all clutter under the bed.

  5. Paint your bedroom with light colors.

  6. Remove the mirror from your bedroom.

  7. Put Rose Quartz crystal in your bedroom.

  8. Don’t put any indoor plants in your bedroom.

  9. Bring fresh flowers to keep them in your bedroom. This will bring positive and good vibes. 

  10. Never sleep under the beam.


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