Easy Winter Hair Fall DIY Home Remedies, Know Symptoms and causes of hair loss in Cold weather. Watch Video

Publish Date: 04 Feb, 2022 |

Hair fall is a major problem nowadays, every second person is suffering from this problem. And in winters hair fall and dandruff increase and this makes us upset so here are some home remedies to solve your hair fall problem and make your hair brighter, shiner, thicker.

Here are some Home Remedies For Hair in winter - 

Curry Leaves Oil

Make nourishing oil with coconut oil and curry leaves. Coconut oil contains fatty acids and vitamins that will help your hair look healthy. The curry leaves contain antioxidant properties and iron that help in keeping hair healthy and strong.

How to make Curry Leaves Oil?

  • Blend curry leaves with water.

  • Take a pan and heat 2 tsp of coconut oil in it and add curry leaves paste in it.

  • Boil it for 10 minutes then strain and store it.

Egg Hair Pack

Eggs are a nutrient-rich hair superfood. Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate are just some of the nutrients found in eggs that are said to help keep hair thick and healthy. It prevents breakage and shedding.

How to make Egg Hair Mask

  • Take 2 egg yolks and add 2 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of olive oil to it.

  • Mix it thoroughly and apply once a week.

Methi Hair Pack

Methi seeds are considered to be one of the most effective remedies to treat hair fall issues. Methi seeds also have high protein and nicotinic acid content, which are known to be beneficial against hair fall and dandruff.

How to make Methi Hair Pack

  • Blend 3 tbsp of methi.

  • Add 1 tbsp of honey and yogurt into it and add water and make a thick paste.

  • Use once a week.

Causes Of Hair Fall in Winters

  • Excessive hair loss in winter is largely due to the dry air outside that sucks out all the moisture from your scalp and makes it dry.

  • A dry scalp leads to dandruff, which makes your head feel itchy and unhealthy.

  • Age -With age, most people notice some hair loss because hair growth slows.

  • Haircare -If you color, perm, or relax your hair, you could be damaging your hair. Over time, this damage can lead to hair loss.

                              SO SAY NO TO HAIR FALL THIS WINTER!!


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