Easy Yoga Poses for Lower Body Toning and Strengthening muscles. Watch Video

Publish Date: 08 Mar, 2022 |

Getting toned legs is a dream for many. The strong and sculpted legs not only enhance your body posture but also improves the mobility of your body. It helps in walking, jumping and balance of your body. So in this article let's look into some of the Yoga postures which will help you get toned legs at home. 

What is Toning Exercise or Yoga? 

Toning exercises are a form of physical exercises which helps in developing a physique with a large emphasis on musculature. Yoga for Toning your muscles also helps in building muscular sculpture of your body giving a definition to your figure. 

Will Toning Yoga for Legs Make You Slimmer?

Well, Toning Yoga helps in reducing fat and building the macultine structure. This may feel like slimming as fat gets reduced, but sometimes it also helps in gaining muscles which results in weight gain. Toning Yoga for Legs will help in reducing fat and will give your legs a more toned look and perfectly carved calf muscles. 

Yoga for Lower Body Toning 

Here are some easy yoga poses which will help strengthen the lower muscles of the body and help you get toned legs. 

  1. Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Head to Toe Pose)

  • Strengthens legs, ankles & core muscles.

  • Makes Hips & hamstrings flexible.

  1. Utthita Konasana (Goddess Pose)

  • Increase Lower Body Strength.

  • Enhances flexibility of legs Muscles. 

  1. Natraj Asana (Lord Of The Dance Pose)-

  • Improves Flexibility of Spine & Legs.

  • Strengthens shoulders, back, legs, hps, ankles and arms. 

  1. Ardha padma vrikshasana (Half Lotus Standing Pose)-

  • Strengthens Legs.

  • Good for hips & gluteal Muscles.

  1. Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)-

  • Strengthens the ligaments and tendons in feet.

  • Improves posture and alignment.

  1. Dekasna (Airplane Pose)-

  • Helps in Strengthening the leg muscles.

  • Improves balance and posture.

  1. Utthita Konasana (Side Angle Pose)-

  • Tones and Strengthens legs.

  • Good for hamstrings and groin.

  1. Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose)-

  • Strengthens thighs, knees, ankles & calves.


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