Eco friendly lamps and decorations on Diwali

Publish Date: 23 Oct, 2022 |

Amidst the celebration of Diwali in the country, this year in Patna, Bihar, the demand for eco-friendly diyas and decoration items has increased, these eco-friendly diyas and decoration items are attracting a lot of people. 

Idols and toys are being made of terracotta

A variety of diyas, toys, idols and figures of Lakshmi Ganesh are being found near Bailey Road striking turn. This beautiful shop on the side of the road is fascinated by everyone. At the same time, shopkeeper Anand told that we have ordered this special from Kolkata and Gorakhpur, to sell on the occasion of Diwali and Chhath. 

All these figures are made of terracotta clay. At the same time, people who came to buy goods told that this time on the occasion of Diwali in Patna, toys and idols made of terracotta are being found for the first time. With which it is a clear message that this time the people of Patna will celebrate a clean and green Diwali.


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