Election Commission of India announces the date of Presidential Election, current session ending on July 24

Publish Date: 09 Jun, 2022 |

The Election Commission of India has been done for the President's Election. For this, notification will be issued on June 15 and nominations will be filed by June 29. At the same time, they will have to be scrutinised by 30 June and candidates will be able to return their nomination by 2 July. In which voting will be done on 18 July and counting will be done on 21 July.

Who can vote?

Members of both the Houses of Parliament can vote for the Presidential election. Although nominatedMember of parliamentWon't vote. The voter will be given a pen at the polling station to cast his vote. Voting will have to be done with this pen only, voting done with any other pen will be cancelled. Voting will be held in Parliament House, Vidhan Sabha.

Talking about political alliances in the electoral college that votes in the presidential election, the Congress-led UPA alliance has close to 23 percent of the vote. At the same time, the NDA alliance has about 49 percent votes.

Importance of MLA votes

In the case of MLA, the population of the state in which the MLA belongs is seen. Along with this, the number of members of the Legislative Assembly of that state is also taken into account. To calculate the weightage, the population of the state is divided by the number of elected MLAs. The number thus obtained is then divided by 1000. Now the figure that is available is the weightage of the vote of an MLA of that state. When divided by 1000, if the remainder is more than 500, then 1 is added to the weighting.


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