EP 03: MAC Strobe Cream Dupes Rs 394

Publish Date: 11 Jul, 2022 |

 Who doesn’t love a naturally glowing dewy makeup look? 

But did you know that it’s super easy to get the dewy look with just 1 product, even if you are not a makeup expert? In this HZ Dupes episode, check dupe of that one cult product that gives you a perfect dewy look and it is….The MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream

Strobe Cream was quite the rage when MAC introduced it and everyone was buying it.

But thanks to the dupes, you won’t have to pay 3200 bucks to get that instant glow. 

MAC Strobe cream is more liquidy with no chunky glitters Gives a soft dewy look and is perfect for daily wear

MAC Strobe cream Dupes

MAC Strobe cream: Retails for Rs 3400 for 50 ml

1100 for 15 ml of product

  1. Swiss Beauty Real Make-Up Base Highlighting Primer - 32 ml - 02 Golden Tint: Rs 339

  • A really smooth & hydrating strobe cream

  • Minimises pores

  • Makes your makeup last longer

  • Application: Really shimmery when applied alone so best to apply with a foundation to dull down the shimmer

  • Or can be applied as a highlighter

  • ONLY DIFFERENCE: It is slightly thicker in consistency compared to the MAC Strobe cream

  • But when blended out, it looks exactly the same

  1. LOTUS Make-Up Pro-edit Silk Touch Glow Strobe Creme Gold - 15 gm - Rs 394

  • Compared to the strobe cream, this cream is a little bit shimmery

  • It works best as a cream highlighter

  • It’s very creamy, easy to blend & really glowy

  • Again, it mixes really well with the foundation and gives that dewy look

  • But doesn’t look that good on its own.

  1. MARS Take a Glow Illuminating Long Lasting Highlighter Primer - 30 ml (Moon Light): Rs 229

  • This one does come really close to the original MAC Strobe cream

  • As it doesn’t have any shimmer particles to it

  • It is quite fine & gives the desired dewy look

  • However, it has a slightly white-ish tint compared to the original product

  • But it does work and blends well with the foundation and other products.

  • The white tone might be a con for some people

  • But if you want that silver tint to it, then definitely a close dupe 


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