EWS: Congress leader Udit Raj furious over SC's decision, termed 'casteist mindset'

Publish Date: 07 Nov, 2022 |

The Supreme Court gave its verdict regarding the reservation on economic grounds for the upper castes. A 5-judge bench headed by Chief Justice UU Lalit gave its verdict on the constitutional validity of EWS reservation. After which now the comments of different people are coming. In this episode, Congress Leader Udit Raj said that 'I challenge the upper caste mindset of the Supreme Court'.

Udit Raj against the verdict

Congress leader Udit Raj has objected to the Supreme Court's decision regarding EWS reservation. After the court's decision, he said that he is not opposing the EWS reservation, but is opposing the pro-upper caste mentality of the Supreme Court. When it comes to giving reservation to SC-STs, he cites the Indira Sawhney case and refers to the limit of 50 per cent reservation for SC-STs and OBCs. Today, referring to the Constitution, it is being said that no, there is no limit to reservation.

Three SC judges ruled in favor of EWS reservation

While giving an important decision on giving 10 percent reservation to the general category people on economic basis, the Supreme Court said on Monday that it is not against the basic spirit of the Constitution. Out of the 5 judge bench of the Supreme Court, three judges ruled in favor of EWS reservation, after which this reservation will continue.


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