Following the earthquake in North India on Tuesday (March 21), social media was inundated with footage, commentary, and memes. Yet, claims of strange lights in the sky after the earthquake were also made. A few online users posted movies in which the sky appeared to be a different colour, such orange or blue. People ask questions regarding the purported occurrences, mostly in search of a plausible explanation for the night sky's colour change. This phenomena, which is generally known as "seismic lights," is currently being studied and is not yet a well-defined occurrence. A user posted this video on social media.

What are Earthquake Lights?

Earthquake lights can be seen as glows in the sky, balls of light, sheet lighting, or streamers, according to the United States Geological Survey. Geophysicists disagree about whether or not there is conclusive proof of earthquake lights. However there are theories or hypotheses that can be used to scientifically explain the incident. In his 2019 work, "Co-seismic Earthquake Lights: The Underlying Mechanism," researcher Freund researched the occurrence and offered a potential explanation.

No Scientific Explanation Yet 

This is merely a theory to describe an event that scientists don't fully comprehend yet, as was previously indicated. Animals acting abnormally before an earthquake is another anecdotal event connected to earthquakes. There have been numerous study studies about this and it has been documented for ages. China has received the most press coverage and research on this.


People Shares Video after the earthquake

Just after the Earthquake shook many parts in North India, a strange radiance of lights was witnessed at many places. Check out the video below.