Face Yoga To Naturally Contour Your Face I Power of Face Yoga Season 2

Publish Date: 14 Aug, 2022 |
Your facial muscles need some exercise to look their best, just like your biceps and abs do. Face yoga has long been popular among beauty aficionados due to its benefits for face tightening and contouring. Learn these easy face yoga poses to give your skin a healthy shine.

Face Yoga To Naturally Contour Your Face

Pinching Pose: It improves muscle stretch, tones facial muscles and maintains good blood flow in the face. For this you need to hold and release your facial skin for 30 straight second as shown in the video,

Eye Strengthening Pose:  Makes your eyes glow naturally, press the three fingers on your upper eye side and try to stretch it, it strengthens eye muscles.

Forehead pose: helps to maintain mental calm and controls blood flow. Put your fingers on your forehead and lift one brow while keeping your eyes open wide for 20 seconds.

Zig Zag Forehead pose:It has the ability to control blood flow, strengthen muscles, and lessen anxiety.

Jaw Drop Stretch:The jaw muscle is toned, strengthened, and sharpened, and the blood circulation and toxin release are also improved. As seen in the video, this pose involves stretching and dropping the jaw.


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