Facial Yoga To Reduce Double Chin and get smooth and sharp facial features. Watch Video

Publish Date: 22 Feb, 2022 |

As we grow up and deal with aging and weight gain, one of the most common things which tick us is the double chin. Double chins is the layer of skin which appears under our chin which affects the facial features and makes us feel more fatty and chubby. So if you are also having a double chin and want your sharp jaws peep out, then check these Facial yoga to reduce them. 

What is Double Chin?

A double chin is a submental fat that occurs when a layer of fat starts to form under the chin. Appearance of a double chin is often associated with fat, weight gain, or being overweight. However, aging and genetic factors can also affect the fat layer under the chin. 

What Causes Double Chin?

While people associate weight gain with the appearance of a double chin, here are some more factors which will make it pop. 

  • Excess Fat. 

  • Aging Skin. 

  • Poor Posture. 

  • Facial Structure.

  • Genetics.

Yoga For Double Chin

Practicing facial yoga daily will help in removing toxins from skin and sculpt the facial features. Not only it helps in getting rid of double chin but also helps in removing puffiness, dark circles, and more. One should practice facial yoga everyday for at least 15-20 mins for more effective results and a healthy lifestyle. 


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