Coronavirus Vaccine FAQ: What will be the cost of the Sputnik Vaccine, Imported from Russia?

Publish Date: 14 May, 2021
Coronavirus Vaccine FAQ: What will be the cost of the Sputnik Vaccine, Imported from Russia?

FAQ related to Vaccination for Covid-19: While India is battling against the deadly second wave of Covid-19, the government is trying its best to control the situation. Lockdown has been imposed in many states along with strict guidelines and protocols. Meanwhile, people are requested to take their shot of vaccination for coronavirus so that they can build immunity to fight against the virus. Vaccination helps the body prepare to fight the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) as it has a similar antigen or the deadly virus of covid-19. When in future if the body gets in contact with Covid-19, then our immune system is already well prepared to fight with it and the risk of having serious health issues reduces. 

FAQ Related to Vaccination for Covid-19

When to take a vaccine? What is the time for the second dose? Can pregnant women take vaccines and others are some frequently asked questions people have? So here we have covered the answers for your confusion so that you can get your dose without stress.

What will be the cost of the Sputnik Vaccine, Imported from Russia?

As per Dr. Reddy's Labroratories, the imported doses of Russian vaccine 'Sputnik V' will cost around Rs 995.40 per dose in India. The first batch of the vaccine reached in the country on May 1 and the 1st dose was administered in Hyderabad on May 14. 

When can recovered Covid-19 patients take their Vaccination?

Recovered Should Take Vaccine After 6 Months. As per the guidelines, people who test positive for COVID-19 should not go for vaccination for six months after recovery. 

Where to register for the Coronavirus Vaccination?

Download and signIn/Login in Arogya Detu App or Register on the Co-WIN Portal and schedule your vaccination appointment. These are the official sites of the government for the vaccination.

What precautions should be taken at the time of 2nd dose vaccination?

The Vaccination Centres have been directed to ensure that if a citizen is being vaccinated with 2nd dose, they should confirm that the first dose vaccination was done with the same vaccine. For this they can show their vaccination certificate for dose 1.You should share the correct information about the vaccine type and the date of 1st dose vaccination with the vaccinator. 

Can I get vaccinated with the 2nd dose in a different State/District?

Yes, you can get vaccinated in any State/District. For that during registration choose the desired state/district. The only restriction is that you will be able to get vaccinated only on those centres which are offering the same vaccine as was administered to you on your first dose. For example, if you got CovidShield in the first dose then you have to register for the same in the second dose. 

If a person is suffering from Covid-19, can he/she get vaccinated?

People with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection may increase the risk of spreading the same to others at vaccination sites. For this reason, infected individuals should wait for the vaccination till 14 days or after recovery.

When to take the Second Dose of Vaccination?

The second dose of Covishield is to be taken between 6-8 weeks while Covaxin is to be taken after 28 days after taking 1 dose.

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