Farmani Naaz: Farmani is not afraid of any fatwa, after Har-Har Shambhu, Krishna Bhajan is coming

Publish Date: 05 Aug, 2022 |

Singer Farmani Naaz has gained a lot of fame in a short time. The song 'Har-Har Shambhu' released for Shiva devotees in Sawan has become very popular among the people. Many Muslim organizations were angry against Farmani Naaz for singing the song of Hindu culture by being a Muslim. Despite this, Farmani Naaz is not scared, she has released the video and said that she is going to sing many more Hindu devotional songs.

Fatwas issued against Farmani

Despite being hated by her own community for singing a hindu devotional song, she is also getting a lot of praise and appreciation for her voice. During this time some people also came to the defense of Farmani and said that she is bridging the hatred gap between religions. In the midst of this protest and support, news is now coming that Farmani is about to release a new hymn.

The Ulemas issued fatwas against him and criticized Farmani for singing a religious song of another religion. On the issue of the fatwa, Farmani's mother said that 'this is a matter of her mind, she is not feeling well'. No one is seeing that somehow she is raising her child. If she is a singer, she will sing all the songs. Farmani's mother said that she also sings bhajans. Qawwali also sings. People are not liking this thing, that's why they are speaking.

Farmani Naaz comment on the issue

Farmani Naaz used to upload songs on YouTube. Gradually his songs started going viral and people started liking it a lot. With this, Farmani Naaz made a mark of his own. Farmani Naaz was also called to sing in Indian Idol but she returned due to her daughter's ill health. 

Farmani has said that She is an artist and artists have no religion. She said that because she is an artist she has to sing all kinds of bhajans, qawwalis and songs. She said that while singing a song we think about who we are, not what religion we belong to. She said that we are artist and we have no religion.


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