Farmani Naaz's husband breaks silence, reveals many secrets of Farmani- Watch Video

Publish Date: 12 Aug, 2022 |

The voice of Farmani Naaz is echoing everywhere. Whether Farmani Naaz sings Shiva Bhajan or Nazm, his voice breathes life in every song. You have already seen the success of Farmani Naaz who became a star by singing songs. A mother whose husband left her, is single-handedly raising the child by singing. Let the sad story of Farmani melt anyone's heart. But it is said that every coin has two sides. Now her husband's reaction has also come on the allegations of Farmani.

What allegations did Farmani make against her husband?

In the old interview, Farmani had accused the husband of marrying another without giving divorce. In a conversation with Aaj Tak, Farmani had said that he had a son in 2018. Because the son was ill, the husband and in-laws left him. Not only this, the husband also married for the second time. Since then, Farmani has been raising her son alone, living separately from her husband. Her husband Imran has reacted to these allegations of Farmani Naaz. He said that the allegations leveled against him by Farmani are false. They are being shown wrong.

Farmani's husband made shocking revelations 

In a conversation with a YouTube channel, Farmani's husband Imran broke his silence and accused Farmani of lying. Imran said- He was married in 2017. After a year and a half of our marriage, a boy was born. After the birth of the child, Farmani's father came to pick him up. Farmani agreed Khushi had gone to her maternal home from her in-laws' house. I went to pick up Farmani many times but she did not come. I have been trying to bring Farmani back to her in-laws' house for 3 years. False allegations have been made against me. During this, Imran becomes emotional. His throat gets full.

Imran says that he has not met his child for 4 years. They are not allowed to meet the child. Farmani has betrayed them. He has been circling the SSP office for 3 years but no one listens to him. Imran accused Farmani and his team member of hurting him. Told that once in 8 months his car hit him. Farmani told her husband that she wanted to sing a song and wanted to become a star. She will return home when she becomes a star but has not returned yet. Imran said that the doors of his house are still open for her. 


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