Fat To Fit: How I Lost 40 Kg After Overcoming Mental Health Issues Anmol Sachar Weight Loss Journey

Publish Date: 06 Dec, 2022 |

He had battled serious mental health conditions like OCD, depression, and anxiety, which caused him to acquire a lot of weight. Watch the inspiring weight loss transformation story of content producer, YouTuber, and digital influencer Anmol sachar to learn how he overcame his mental health problems.

Anmol Sachar Weight Loss Journey

Being trapped in a cycle where Anmol would eat junk food anytime he felt depressed about his weight, he discovered that he was continuously snacking. Things immediately became worse when Anmol got scared by the blood test report which showed many issues regarding fat gain. His  borderline sugar levels and unbalanced cholesterol were just two examples of how almost everything was odd. This was the wakeup call for Sachar. 

Anmol was able to shed his weight owing to his extremely disciplined lifestyle. Eventually he managed to lose 36 kg. Finding a healthy balance with his diet, and working out frequently helped him maintain his workout regime. He started walking daily even though he had trouble breathing for walking fast, slowly and steadily he tried maintaining his pace. Anmol aimed for daily accomplishments and monitored his development which was showing progress. 

How Anmol’s lifestyle changed

  • Waking up daily at 7, 7:30

  • Having a warm of glass water

  • He usually skips breakfast and instead prefers dry fruits

  • As a content creator, he then focuses on his daily work

  • Early lunch- roti, daal, paneer

  • Workout - around 2PM

  • Eggs & protein shake post workout

  • Eggs or light meal for dinner


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