Fat to Fit I Mawra Ishaque: How I Lost 61 Kg After Being Bullied & Fat Shamed I Weight Loss Story

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 02 Dec, 2022

Mawra Ishaque's story is one to remember, from a person who had been teased for her weight her entire childhood to a fitness inspiration for almost 22.7k followers on Instagram. 

Mawra Ishaque fat to fit Journey

In this episode fitness instructor Mawra Ishaque shared her own inspirational weight loss journey from weighing 115 Kg to 54 Kg. Since Mawra was in class 7 she started getting bullied because of her weight, she was called by names like ‘mota, Genda, Haathi, football etc’. Constant thought of getting fat shamed used to scare her to the core. When Mawra was just 9 years old she weighed around 62 kgs. The worst part of her story was that the people close to her like her family, relatives and friends all teased and bullied her. 

Mawra broke down telling how everyone sidelined her and kept blaming for her rude behavior but never asked what’s wrong. Mawra soon started suffering with Bulimia which is a psychological eating disorder in which you consume a large no. of food in one sitting and then try inappropriate ways to loose weight like vomiting, fasting etc. Her counselor told her to visit a psychologist, Mawra battled depression for around 10 years of her life. 

Weight loss journey

Mawra researched about how to have a sustainable diet and workout. For 6 years she studied the science behind nutrition and fitness. Today Mawra has clients all over the world. Watch her entire weight loss journey 

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