Father of OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal passed away after falling from floor 20

Publish Date: 11 Mar, 2023 |

Ramesh Agarwal, father of OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal, passed away on Friday. He reportedly perished in Gurugram after falling from a high-rise building. The demise of Ritesh Agarwal's dad has been verified by an Oyo representative. Also, Ritesh Aggarwal released a statement announcing the death of his father.

DCP East Gurugram said that the incident's details were first learned at around one o'clock. Ramesh Agarwal's death was discovered to have been caused by a fall from the 20th story when the police squad arrived on the scene. In the DLF Christa Society, he resided.

Ritesh Agarwal issues a statement

According to Ritesh Agarwal's statement: "We regret to inform you that on March 10, Ramesh Agarwal, my father and our source of strength, died away. He led a full life, died, and left me and many of us feeling motivated each and every day. Our family is deeply saddened by his passing. His remarks will have a lasting impact on us. Please respect our privacy while we're grieving, thanks."

Son got married this week

Ritesh Agarwal only recently got married. Prominent industrialists from the nation, including Delhi's chief minister Kejriwal, participated in this union as well. On March 7, Ritesh Aggarwal and Geetansha Sood, 29, got married. A celebration for this was also planned in Delhi. The 2013 founder of OYO ROOMs, Ritesh Agarwal, is one of the list's youngest billionaires. The fastest-growing hotel chain in the world is OYO ROOMs. This company's network currently extends to more than 35 nations. You'll be amazed to learn that 1.50 lakh hotels currently collaborate with OYO ROOMs.


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