Festival-like celebration at Neeraj Chopra's house, special preparations are being made to welcome

Publish Date: 24 Jul, 2022 |

Neeraj Chopra missed gold in the Javelin Throw event of the ongoing World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA. He won the silver medal with an 88.13m javelin throw. Anderson Peters was at number one. Peters threw the javelin over 90 meters in 3 of his 6 attempts. And now after the joy of his victory, there is celebration in his house.

Celebration at Neeraj Chopra’s house

There was a gathering of villagers at Neeraj's house. As soon as the medal was confirmed, everyone jumped. Laddu started distributing. Neeraj's mother, aunt, grandmother, women around started dancing and singing. Here there is a tradition of the village, when a happy occasion comes, women start dancing on folk songs. 

When Neeraj brought 'silver' to the country, the mother proudly said, 'There was full expectation of a medal from the son.' She said that I will meet my son after about a year. I will feed him by making churma with my own hands.

Neeraj Chopra on winning Silver

Neeraj Chopra has said, 'The situation was not right here. The wind was blowing very strong. But I was confident that I would do well. I am satisfied with the result. I am happy that I was able to win a medal for my country.

Neeraj Chopra said, 'I was not under any pressure at all that I am an Olympic champion and I have to do well here. I believed in myself even after the third throw. I came back and won silver. Next time I will try to change the color of my medal in this championship.


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