Fifa World Cup 2022: Riots broke out in France after Argentina's victory, fans burnt vehicles after defeat

Publish Date: 19 Dec, 2022 |

Argentina has become the king of football. Argentina defeated France 4-2 in the FIFA World Cup final match played on Sunday night. Both the teams were tied 3-3 after extra time. After this the decision was taken by penalty shootout. But after the defeat at the hands of Argentina, riots broke out in France. Thousands of protesters took to the streets and ranted on the loss.

10,000 Policemen deployed

Videos are now going viral on social media showing violent clashes between fans in the city's Place de la Comédie. They fired fireworks at each other. After this, the police had to use tear gas. France is a former colonial ruler of Morocco and one million Moroccan expatriates live here. In the footage, men are seen lifting chairs from the floor while waving French flags. French authorities have deployed 10,000 policemen across the country following the clash. Of these, 5000 have been deployed in Paris.

Police had to use water cannons and tear gas shells

Not only in Paris, cities like Lyon are also witnessing huge protests and rants of people on the streets. People were seen rioting and destroying public property because of this Police had to take strict actions against the rioters. The police fired tear gas shells to disrupt the crowds. They also had to use water cannons on the protestors. Videos of these actions and riots are going viral on social media. Police also arrested a lot of protesting civilians to maintain peace in the city.


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