FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Argentina will not get the real trophy, but why? France vs Argentina

Publish Date: 19 Dec, 2022 |

Argentina won the Fifa World Cup final against France and has become the world champion. They defeated France in a penalty shootout and have lifted the world cup. The credit for the win goes to the captain Lionel Messi who scored two goals against the rivals. They have earned the trophy through their hard work but they will not get the original Fifa trophy.

Reason for not giving the original trophy

A new rule was introduced in the year 2005 which states that the original trophy is not given to the team that wins the title. Although the team that wins the final is allowed to keep the original trophy for some time, it is also taken back immediately. After the prize ceremony, the winner has to return the trophy to the officials. Instead, a duplicate trophy is given, which looks just like the original. It is called Replica Trophy. FIFA officials give these trophies just to celebrate. For the rest of the time, this trophy is kept at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

Prize money won by the winning team

The FIFA winning team will be given an amount of 42 million dollars i.e. about 344 crore Indian rupees as a reward. At the same time, the runner-up will be given 30 million dollars (about 245 crore Indian rupees). The third place gets about 27 million dollars (about 220 crore rupees) and the fourth place gets 25 million dollars (about 204 crore rupees)


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