Firing In America: Indiscriminate firing in America's Walmart Store, many people died

Publish Date: 23 Nov, 2022 |

In America, the news of the death of 10 people is coming in the mass shooting at Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia. According to media reports, many people have also been injured. Upon learning of the shooting, Chesapeake Police attempted to apprehend and fire upon the alleged active shooter at the Walmart just off Battlefield Blvd.

City officials give information

The exact number of victims is not yet clear, but a Chesapeake Police Department spokesman said 10 people had died in the mass shooting. All the injured have been taken to hospitals in the area. A spokeswoman confirmed five patients were being treated at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, the region's top trauma centre.

City officials say that a gunman has shot and killed several people in a Walmart store in the US state of Virginia, as well as the shooter who fired. He said that "Chesapeake police have also confirmed a major shooting incident at the Walmart store located on Sam's Circle."

Virginia Senator comments on the incident

On this firing incident, Senator Lewis Lucas of Virginia said in one of his tweets that 'I am completely shaken after getting information about the firing incident in my district. I will not rest until there is a solution to gun violence. Many people have died because of this gun culture.


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