Following Imran Khan's detention, violence broke out throughout the nation

Publish Date: 15 Mar, 2023 |

In Pakistan's major cities, there have been clashes between police and protesters following Imran Khan's imprisonment as the leader of the PTI. Several supporters of former PM Imran Khan have been hurt in this fight. In addition to this, the violence has also injured police personnel.

Violent protests hurt people on both sides

A government spokesman and witnesses claimed that incidences of protests have been reported in numerous locations around the nation prior to the potential arrest of Imran Khan. There have been numerous injuries on both sides of this. Government spokesperson Amir Mir told Reuters news agency that a police squad had arrived from Islamabad to arrest Imran Khan on court orders, when his supporters gathered outside Imran's residence.

Why is Imran Khan being detained?

Imran Khan is the subject of two non-bailable warrants issued by an Islamabad court. The Toshakhana case is connected to the first instance. The judge was threatened in the second instance, on the other hand. On the dates involved in both cases, Imran Khan failed to show up in court. Moreover, Imran Khan filed a court appearance exemption appeal that has not yet been heard. According to Imran Khan's solicitor, his life would be in danger if he appeared in court. They should be permitted to appear virtually in such circumstances.


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