Foods to avoid during monsoon: Monsoon में क्या खाये? Watch Video.

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Monsoons are like a blessing after the scorching heat of the summer. Who doesn’t like to have spicy street foods during the rainy season? It is natural to have such cravings especially when the weather outside is so poetic. But, this season is also the most favourable season for microbes. Everything becomes moist during this time which favours the growth of bacteria, funguses, viruses and other microbes. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we keep in mind certain basic hygiene methods to avoid falling sick. Infections from unhygienic food and contaminated water may cause severe stomach infections. To avoid falling sick and to enjoy the rainy season to its best, here are certain Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow:

Foods to avoid during the monsoon

  • Avoid unclean water because the growth of bacteria and other microbes are favoured during the monsoon.

  • Avoid intake of raw food. 

  • Fruit juices are a big NO

  • Pre-cut fruits and salads.

  • Semi-cooked chicken salad and semi-cooked eggs are a big NO.

  • Avoid street foods.

Healthy food to eat during monsoon

  • Hydration is the key: Intake lots of clean water, preferably boiled or RO water. Drink 12-15 glasses of water in a day.

  • Include green vegetables in your diet.

  • Salad lovers should go for steamed salads.

  • Cooked and sauteed vegetables to be preferred.

  • Vegetable soup can be enjoyed.

  • Blanched thin-skinned fruits.

  • Include fist full of nuts like almonds, walnuts etc.

  • Seeds like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds.

  • Curd, buttermilk should be fresh and packed properly before and after use.

  • Home-made pakoras.

Monsoon and Diabetic patients

  • Avoid staying moist as the growth of fungus and bacteria is more during the rainy season

  • Clean dry your foot before going to bed

  • Take care of the footwear used

  • Boost your immunity to avoid infections


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