Former Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijay Singh shares a statement on the population of Hindus and Muslims

Publish Date: 23 Sep, 2021 |

Digvijay Singh's statement on Hindu Muslim population:

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has given a big statement regarding the increasing population of Hindu-Muslim. Digvijay said that the birth rate of Muslims is decreasing. By 2028, the birth rate of Hindus and Muslims will be equal. Citing a study, he said that since 1951, the decline in the birth rate of Muslims has been more than that of Hindus. There is no threat from Muslims regarding population growth.

During the conclusion of the Kisan Padyatra program in Sehore, Digvijay Singh said at the Town Hall on Wednesday “they say Muslims keep 4 wives. Dozens of children are born and after 10-20 years Muslims will be in majority and Hindus will be in minority. I challenge you whoever wants can discuss with me.”

Digvijay further said “A study shows that the birth rate of Muslims is continuously decreasing in comparison to Hindus in the country. From 1951 till today the birth rate of Muslims has not decreased as fast as the birth rate of Hindus, but even today the birth rate of Muslims is 2.7 and that of Hindus is 2.3.”

Adding further, Digvijay Singh said that the way the birth rate is decreasing, by 2028 the birth rate of Hindus and Muslims will be equal and at that time the population in the whole country will be stable. Whatever the increase, it will only be till 2028. It won't happen after that.

Digvijay also targetted Narendra Modi and Asaduddin Owaisi:

Digvijay Singh also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi. "Today Hindus are misled by posing a threat and on the other side, there is an Owaisi sahib who wants to earn votes by posing a threat to Muslims. Narendra Modi calls Hindus a threat, Owaisi calls Muslims a threat. Neither Hindus are in danger nor Muslims are in danger," he said.



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