4 women were burnt alive in the fire caused by Gas Cylinder Leak during marriage, CM Yogi expressed grief

Publish Date: 03 Jul, 2022 |

Sonakshi, a bride preparing for her wedding, found Saturday evening the biggest disaster of her big day. Food was being prepared in the middle of other programmes at the wedding pavilion at the head's house in the village of Vikrampur of the Jalalabad Kotwali area of Shahjahanpur. Four people were burned in the fire caused by two leaking gas cylinders, and others were injured. Here, the marriage programme was set for today, Sunday.

Seven other people were injured in the fire and were taken to the district hospital in the nearby Farrukhabad district. After learning about the incident, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed his condolences and directed that the injured be properly treated. CM Yogi Adityanath has expressed condolences to the bereaved families while wishing peace to the departed souls. In addition, Shahjahanpur district administration officials have been directed to provide proper treatment to the injured. Two of the seven people injured are in critical condition.

Sonakshi, the daughter of Guddi Devi Yadav, the head of Vikrampur village in the Jalalabad police station area of Shahjahanpur, will marry Ajit Yadav on Sunday in Etah's Jaisra village. On Saturday, the rituals for the marriage of the pavilion built in the house were taking place. A large number of females were present. Food was being prepared on the house's verandah at the same time. Then, all of a sudden, a cylinder leaked and caught fire. When the fire started, two other cylinders caught fire until no one could understand. As a result, the women sitting there were terrified.

The fire that engulfed the entire house trapped many women. Sonakshi's cousin, former head Munni Devi, maternal grandmother Ganga Devi, a resident of Fatehpur village in Alhaganj, Neelam, a resident of Jallapur village of maternal sister Kalan, and maternal sister Vandana had died by the time the fire was put out with the help of the villagers. Seven other people, including cousin Alok, who was burned by the fire, and aunt Manorama, who lives in Shamshabad, Farrukhabad, were taken to the district hospital in Farrukhabad. Where Vandana and another are said to be in critical condition. SDM Satish Chandra and CO Jalalabad Massa Singh arrived late in the evening.

Wedding turned into Mourning 

Sonakshi sat with her hands adorned with mehndi, surrounded by friends and sisters. Preparations for the following rituals were underway. Sonakshi's life had the potential for happiness. She had also made extensive wedding preparations, but everything changed in an instant. Cries were heard some time ago in the house where there was laughter and laughter. Sonakshi, whose face was beaming with joy, had become enraged while sobbing.

Because the wedding was on Sunday, most of the relatives arrived on Saturday. There was laughter in the house in between songs played on the dholak. Then there was a loud cry from outside. Sonakshi, who was sitting in the room, was perplexed. After seeing the scene there, she burst into tears when she came out. He was brought out by the people who were with him.

After a while, it became normal, and people began to inquire about the people trapped inside. He insisted on going inside again and again. She began cursing herself after the fire was put out when she learned of the deaths of her grandmother, grandmother, and maternal sisters. He couldn't believe his grandmother and maternal sisters were coming to his wedding. The grandmother who sat beside him a while ago is no longer with us.


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