From rising prices of LPG cylinders to the shutting down of liquor shops, know about important changes to take place from October 1

Publish Date: 01 Oct, 2021 |

Rise in prices of commercial LPG cylinders

The government oil company, Indian Oil Corporation has increased the prices of 19Kg commercial gas cylinders by Rs. 43.5. Now the 19 Kg Commercial gas cylinder will cost Rs.1736.5. However, the gas company hasn’t changed the price of 14.2 Kg domestic gas cylinder (without subsidy). The 14.2 Kg gas cylinder for domestic use will cost Rs. 884.50 only. Last month, the prices of domestic gas cylinders were increased by Rs. 25

New Auto debit rule 

From October 1, new auto-debit rule will come to an effect as the extended deadline to implement the guidelines ends today. From now onwards, recurring payments for the purpose of recharge, electricity bill and the like, will not be applicable as the Additional Factor of Authentication becomes compulsory.

Increase in prices of Petrol and Diesel

Prices of Petrol and Diesel touch record high on October 1,2021. In Delhi, petrol prices have been increased by 25 paise whereas Diesel has become expensive by 30 paise, as per the Indian Oil Corporation. In Mumbai, the price of Petrol is Rs. 107.95 per litre whereas the price of Diesel is Rs. 97.84 today. This is the sixth increase in price of Diesel and third increase in price of Petrol after a three week long pause in rate revision. 


In order to ensure that they keep receiving Pension money, all pensioners will have to submit life certificate every year to the authorised pension disbursing agency such as, banks, post offices etc. It requires all the eligible persons, above 80 years of age, to submit their digital life certificates at Jeevan Pramaan Centres, in their respective Post Offices till November 30,2021.

Digital life certificate for pensioners scheme- Digital Pramaan, has been started by the government to digitalise the process of distributing life certificates.

Liquor shops in Delhi to be shut down

Around 40% of liquor shops in Delhi have been shut down on Friday for 45 days, to ensure smooth transition to the New Excise Policy of the Delhi Government. Under this new police, all the 860 vends have been handed over to private firms through open tender. Only government-owned liquor vends will open during this 45 day transition period. All the 260 privately-run shops will be shut down.


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