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Saumya JaiswarPublish Date: 27 Mar, 2023
A dead cat bounce is a brief, transient increase in asset prices after a long period of loss or a bear market, which is followed by the downtrend's continuance. Periods of recovery, or small rallies, in which prices momentarily rise, frequently halt downtrends.
Even a dead cat will bounce if it falls far and quickly enough, which is the basis for the term "dead cat bounce."

What Does a Dead Cat Bounce Tell You? 

Technical analysts often employ the price pattern known as a dead cat bounce. It is regarded as a continuation pattern when the bounce initially seems to be going against the current trend but is immediately followed by a continuation of the price decline. After the price falls below its previous low, it turns into a dead cat bounce (and not a reversal).
Frequently, downtrends are broken up by momentary price increases known as short rallies or recovery periods. This may happen as a consequence of traders or investors covering their short positions or as a result of purchases made under the impression that the security has achieved a bottom.

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