G-20 Summit: PM Modi laughed out loud during his meeting with US President Joe Biden | G20 Bali- Watch Video

Publish Date: 15 Nov, 2022 |

G-20 Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bali on Monday to attend the G20 summit which began in Indonesia from today. Heads of many countries attended this conference. During this, PM Modi will participate in more than 20 meetings, in which many important issues like food, security, energy, Ukraine crisis will be discussed.

Friendship between PM Modi and Biden

On India-US relations, US State Department spokesperson Jed Tarar said, Prime Minister Modi and President Biden have a good and clear friendship. There are many such topics in the world where both countries do not see eye to eye, but this does not affect our relationship. Every country follows its own strategy, the biggest thing is that we are putting pressure on Russia and not on our allies.

India is Important for the Development of the World- says PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi said India's energy security is important for global development. Because India is the fastest-growing economy in the world. We should not promote any restrictions on the supply of energy and stability in the energy market should be ensured, he said. By 2030, half of our electricity will be generated from renewable sources, he said. Further, for sustainable food security in India, we are promoting natural farming and re-popularizing nutritious and traditional food grains like millet. Millet can also address global malnutrition and hunger.


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