Gangster Lakhbir first took responsibility for Sudhir Suri's murder, now threatens Delhi Police

Publish Date: 20 Nov, 2022 |

Lakhbir Singh has written a post on social media claiming that he has got gangster Harpreet Singh alias Happy murdered in Italy. Harpreet alias Happy is wanted by the Indian Agency. Lakhbir Singh wrote on social media, "Harpreet Singh was an informer of Delhi Police Special Cell and RAW, so I got him murdered." Gangster Lakhbir further wrote, "Photos of all the officers of Delhi Police Special Cell. We have. If any officer of Delhi Police Special Cell steps in Punjab, then the consequences will be bad.

Gangster Lakhbir Singh Landa, who is in Canada, has openly threatened the Delhi Police Special Cell. According to information, Lakhbir Singh has the support of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. After fleeing from Punjab, Lakhbir Singh, who is hiding in Canada, has openly threatened the Delhi Police Special Cell by writing a post on social media.

Lakhbir works with ISI

Police told that Lakhbir Singh has many criminal cases registered in Punjab. Recently, Lakhbir Singh's name came up in the investigation in the murder of a Shiv Sena leader and in the Mohali RPG attack. Lakhbir Singh works at the behest of ISI along with Khalistani terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda. A day ago the news of Harvinder Singh Rinda's death in Pakistan has come to the fore.


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