Gangster Raju Murder: Lady Don Anuradha said – I have left the path of crime. Anand Pal Singh

Publish Date: 04 Dec, 2022 |

In Sikar, Rajasthan, there has been a gang war prompted by retaliation. Gangster Raju Theth was shot and killed during this gang war. It is thought to be retaliation for the killing of mobster Anandpal, who was murdered in a police encounter. Enmity existed between Raju Theth and Anandpal. After Anandpal was murdered, his girlfriend Lady Don Anuradha teamed up with Lawrence Bishnoi and Kala Jathedi. Raju Theth was allegedly murdered by Lawrence and the Kala Jathedi gang.

Raju Thehat was allegedly killed by a group led by Lawrence and Kala Jathedi. There are also claims that although Lawrence Bishnoi and Kala Jathedi gang members may have committed the murder, Lady Don Anuradha is really the one who wants to get away with it.

Raju Thehat murder

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently detained Lady Don Anuradha. Where she  also admitted, while being questioned, that she had taken leadership of the group after Anandpal's death.


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