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Publish Date: 30 Jul, 2021 |

During this pandemic, people have gone crazy over boosting their immunity. There are several ways to strengthen our immunity. People have started going for Ayurvedic medicines that promise to boost immunity. The Coronavirus panicked mass has started opting for Ayurvedic formulas that contain Giloy. Not only that, but people are also consuming Giloy directly. 

What is Giloy? It is commonly known as gurjo or heart-leaved moonseed and is commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. Giloy owes its origin to the word ‘Giloe’ which in Hindu mythology means a heavenly elixir that contains the magical qualities of keeping the celestial beings forever young. It is hugely believed across India as a magical potion for youth. It is a climbing shrub that is considered a herbal remedy for almost all ailments. This herb is widely used in Ayurvedic medical practices and people consume this to treat a variety of health problems.

Benefits of Giloy

Giloy is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Both of these have several positive effects on health and help in treating many diseases. Some of the benefits of Giloy are:

It is effective against cough and cold and fever.

It helps in reducing blood pressure.

It helps in boosting immunity. 

It is highly effective against gout.

It can provide relief to arthritis.

It is effective against urinary problems.

It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

It provides relief to asthma. 

Similar to a coin that has two sides, Giloy has side effects as well. People have started consuming Giloy without any restrictions. Thus over-consumption of this shrub has been effecting negatively on human health. Sometimes, the shrub has proved to be fatal to the consumer. 

Side effects of Giloy

Permanent damage of the liver.

Extreme low blood pressure.

Poisonous for human consumption.

Before consuming giloy, one should remember that the shrub offers several positive health outcomes, but at the same time, it has many side effects. Consuming giloy in a limited amount can provide therapeutic benefits for high blood pressure, cancer, pain relief, intestinal spasms and malaria. As Giloy contains alkaloids, the right dose may prove to be helpful. But heavy amounts of alkaloids are often poisonous to human life. Since ancient times, plant alkaloids are used as both a cure for illness and as poisons. Research has also proved that giloy has a steroid-like substance that competes with cholesterol in the intestine. This property might help in reducing cholesterol in the body. Before consuming giloy, it is crucial to remember that the findings of Giloy's benefits are based on researches that have been performed on lab rats. There have been no clinical trials of Giloy on the human that can prove any of the above facts. 


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