Giriraj Singh said on liquor in Bihar, 'Liquor is like God, it is not visible but it is available everywhere'

Publish Date: 15 Dec, 2022 |

The increasing number of deaths in Bihar's Chhapra is heating up the politics of Bihar. On this matter, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that since the prohibition of alcohol in Bihar, the number of deaths has increased and the poor are more involved. But the sympathy of the Chief Minister of Bihar does not arise. Giriraj Singh said that liquor has become like God in Bihar which is not visible but is available everywhere. Nitish Kumar does not see it but is present everywhere.

Giriraj Singh's attack on Nitish

Union Minister Giriraj Singh made a big statement after Nitish Kumar was uprooted in the Bihar Assembly. First of all, Giriraj commented on Nitish's behavior and then told how liquor has become like God in Bihar. Commenting Giriraj Singh said that see Nitish Kumar ji is in frustration here. Now it will be called frustration or effect of old age. They are afraid that Tejashwi might remove me midway, that is why they are sometimes saying that they are handing over the throne. Sometimes saying something. This behavior was not there ten years ago. 

Giriraj Singh then gave his reaction on the behavior of CM Nitish and said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was not like this ten years ago. He said that it was very indecent behavior of Honorable Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in the Bihar Legislative Assembly.


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