Glam Eye Makeup Tutorial: How to Do Easy Eye Makeup at home

Publish Date: 05 Mar, 2022 |

Glam Eye Makeup Tutorial:  The wedding season is right here again, and you are surely going to attend a dozen of weddings this season; and not just weddings, if you plan to attend house parties or go clubbing, you definitely want to look your best in the get-togethers. So here we bring you some of the best glam eye makeup  tutorials so you can look your best and glam.

Blue Eye Makeup

Put the blue eyeshadow on the eyes.

Blend it nicely so there are no chunks of the product leftover.

Now apply the liquid eyeshadow in golden colour and merge it smoothly.

You can add a liner if you want.

Add a coat of mascara to have voluminous eyelashes.

Sunset Eye Makeup

You will use all the matte eyeshadows in this eye makeup routine.

Use the matte yellow eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyelids.

Now add a dash of matter orange on the lid.

Use the pink or coral color on the other corner of the eyelids and blend it all properly.

Now take a golden eyeshadow and apply it on the inner corners of the eyes.

Use the same eyeshadow colors that you used on the eyelids and put it under the waterline of the eyes.

Add a coat of mascara to have voluminous eyelashes and you re good to go.

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Brown smokey eye makeup can be the easiest and most quick things you can do to your eyes to look glam in just 5 minutes, but if done wrong, it can look bad.

Firstly conceal any under eye issue so you have a nice base.

Now put the brown eyeshadow on the eyelids and blend it properly.

Use a dash of charcoal gray or black color to give it more depth and dimension.

Now with the help of the concealer, clear out any untidy lines or fall outs.

You can add a black or brown eyeliner.


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