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Publish Date: 15 Mar, 2023 |

The central government is going to implement new and strict rules to remove pre-installed apps in smartphones and make the major operating system more secure. Such strict rules are being made by the Union Ministry of Information Technology (IT Ministry). With this, through these pre-installed apps (Smartphone Apps), smartphone users can be saved from problems like any kind of espionage and data breach.

What are the new rules for Smartphones in India?

in the new security rules under government documents, the Center plans to force smartphone manufacturers to remove pre-installed apps and allow screening of major operating system updates. A senior government official says that taking seriously the concerns raised about the espionage and misuse of user's data, the IT Ministry has considered implementing new rules. However, no information has been made public in this matter yet.

Ban on Chinese Technology Globally

Meanwhile, to protect citizens from espionage, many countries globally have banned the use of technology of Chinese firms like Huawei and Hikvision. The biggest fear behind this is believed to be that Beijing can use them to spy on foreign nationals. However, China has already distanced itself from such allegations.


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