Greater Noida Crime: The girl hatched the plot of her murder after watching the TV serial

Publish Date: 02 Dec, 2022 |

A shocking case has come to light from Bisrakh in Greater Noida. Here a girl conspired for her murder after watching the serial. Under this, she killed another girl and burnt her face with acid. so that no one can recognize her. The police have arrested the accused girl and her lover in this case. At the same time, the accused girl also wrote a suicide note. On the other hand, the brothers of the accused girl cremated her considering her dead.

Committed murders to avenge death of parents

Actually, the girl had committed so many murders to avenge the death of her parents. According to the police, Sunil (aunt's son), who had arranged the marriage of Arun's brother Payal Bhati, a resident of Badpura village in Dadri, had lent five lakh rupees to her parents. He was unable to pay this amount. Because of this he committed suicide in May. Payal believes that her parents have killed her because of her aunt's son Sunil, sister-in-law Swati and sister-in-law's two brothers Kaushindra and Golu. Payal wanted to kill all four of them. For this, she staged her own death and involved boyfriend Ajay Thakur with her.

Another angle for fake death

The angle of marriage has also come to the fore in this case. Payal's grandfather told that preparations were going on for Payal Bhati's marriage, but she had to marry her lover. That's why she conspired to kill herself, so that people think he is dead and he can live comfortably with Ajay.


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