Groom's mother died in the night and father died in the morning, 22 died in Cylinder Blast so far

Publish Date: 13 Dec, 2022 |

Four more people died in the gas cylinder blast case at a wedding ceremony in Shergarh area of Jodhpur. Four people including the groom's father have died since this morning. The father of the groom is also among those who died. Earlier on Monday night, the groom's mother had died. Most of the dead include women and children.

How did the accident happen

The procession of Surendra Singh, son of Sagat Singh Gogadev, a resident of Bhungara in Shergarh, was scheduled to take place on Thursday. During this, there was a sudden blast in a gas cylinder. After this the second cylinder exploded. Two other cylinders also caught fire. On the spot, Constable Dungar Singh of Shergarh Police took out two burning cylinders. During this, the policeman's hand also got burnt. The entire ceremony caught fire due to the explosion of a cylinder. This created a stampede on the spot. The people present there were engulfed in flames.

More than 60 people scorched 

The marriage procession was about to come from Jodhpur in a village of Barmer district, but due to a cylinder blast a day earlier, about 60 people including the groom got scorched. As soon as this news reached the bride's house, the atmosphere of happiness turned into mourning.


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