Gujarat Foundation Day 2023: Every year on May 1 to honour the state's Foundation Day, the special occasion of Gujarat Diwas is observed. The ninth-largest state in the union is Gujarat. In 1960, it was declared to be an autonomous state after being cut off from Bombay. Since that time, May 1 has been observed as Gujarat Day together with Labour Day around the globe. We have gathered a selection of wishes and messages for you to share with your friends and family in order to commemorate this memorable event. The state is known for its unique art, culture and lip-smacking delicacies. Also, the vivid destinations of Gujarat will mesmerise any travel lover. So let's check out the best places in Gujarat to get the experience of flora and fauna.  

10 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in Gujarat 


Gir National Park 

One of Gujarat's top tourist destinations is the Gir National Park, which is about 60 kilometres from Junagadh and 43 kilometres from Somnath. Gir National Park in Gujarat, which spans about 1412 square kilometres of land, is the only location in India where Asiatic lions are found in substantial numbers. 

Wild Ass Sanctuary 

The Wild Ass Sanctuary is also regarded as a piece of Gujarat's cultural history and is home to the Indian wild ass as well as the caracal, desert fox, flamingo, crane, and black cobra.

Velavadar National Park

More than 3,000 blackbucks and over 120 different bird species, such as flamingos, pelicans, white and painted storks, etc., can be found in the wildlife reserve. Animals including the nilgai (another Indian antelope), jungle cat, jackal, fox, and wolf are also found in the Velavadar Blackbuck National Park. 

Marine National Park

The Marine National Park in Gujarat, which is situated in the Gulf of Kutch, is a treasure trove of enigmatic marine life, including sea cucumbers, sponges, sea urchins, mollusks, coral, and various species. This national park has 42 islands and is surrounded by coral reefs. The most well-known islands for viewing marine life are Narara and Pirotan.

Nal Sarovar Birds Sanctuary

Tourists from all over the world visit Nal Sarovar, a bird sanctuary in Gujarat, to learn about the various varieties of flora and fauna because it is home to about 250 different kinds of migratory and local birds. various birds, including the Tibetan Brahminy Duck, the spoonbill, fishing eagles, kingfishers, etc. 

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary 

45 km from Palanpur, in the Banaskantha Gujarat region, is the Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Numerous endangered species of plants and animals can be found in the Jessore Hill Forest and surrounding areas. 

Vansda National Park

450 plant varieties and around 115 bird species are this national park's key attractions in Gujarat. The park is home to several endangered species, including the grey hornbill, paradise flycatcher, racket-tailed drongo, leaf birds, yellow-backed sunbird, peafowls, jungle babbler, and forest spotted owlet. 

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary

The 1988 declaration of the Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary makes it a well-known tourist destination in Gujarat.  Around 12 species of mammals, 88 species of birds, and 8 species of reptiles can be found at the Sanctuary. Numerous wild animals, such as wolves, jackals, blue bulls, jungle cats, and mongooses, live there.  

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary 

It is located in Gujarat, west of the Narmada River, in the Satpura Range. The Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for its stunning scenery, deep splendid valleys, huge, undulating terrain, majestic waterfalls, solemnly silent rocks, and inescapable flora.  

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

One of the wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat, Narayan Sarovar, has a diverse range of animals, including 15 species that are endangered. Only animals acclimated to the extreme temperature can survive here, hence the sanctuary is home to numerous animals that are extinct elsewhere.