Fear of H3N2 increasing on Holi, how to protect it from spreading

Publish Date: 07 Mar, 2023 |


Delhi people are currently suffering from another virus H3N2 influenza, which according to doctors, is spreading faster than Corona. Cough, sore throat, and pain are causing problems in every home. 

It is a relief that in most patients, the infection is limited to the upper respiratory tract. A lung infection affects only a small percentage of patients. That is why it is not fatal. Nonetheless, in order to prevent infection, Safdarjung Hospital will require doctors, employees, and patients to wear masks in the OPD.

What doctors suggest

Dr. Randeep Guleria, former director of AIIMS, has said that it spreads like Covid. Wear a mask as a precaution, wash hands often. H3N2 is a type of influenza virus. This is a common influenza strain. So currently we are seeing a rise in cases of influenza, the main symptoms of which are fever, sore throat, cough, body ache and runny nose.


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