H3N2 Virus: COVID increasing in the midst of influenza virus; central government alarmed

Publish Date: 13 Mar, 2023 |

As the H3N2 virus has terrified the people of the country, while on the other, Corona has begun to spread rapidly once more. After nearly 114 days, the number of Corona cases has surpassed 500 once more. On March 11, 524 cases were registered, according to data released by the Ministry of Family Welfare. 

Surprisingly, this number has more than doubled in the last 11 days compared to the average of seven days. However, the total number of corona patients remains relatively low, and no increase in virus-related deaths has been recorded. Only six people have died as a result of the corona in the last seven days.

Corona Cases Rising

The rise in the positive rate in various states of the nation has alarmed the central government as well. In this context, Rajesh Bhushan, the union health secretary, wrote a letter to the states and union territories requesting that they closely monitor the corona cases that are on the rise. Around 200 instances of Covid have been reported every day in the nation for the past 11 days. Patients with the H3N2 influenza virus are also rising at the same time. Cases of H3N2 are being reported all over the country, including Delhi. The Center has also asked states to assess their hospitals' preparedness, including things like the availability of medical oxygen and medicines, as well as COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations.


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