Half of this house is in Telangana and half in Maharashtra. Where will the House Tax be paid? Unique house of India

Publish Date: 15 Dec, 2022 |

In the 1969 Maharashtra-Telangana partition, many villages and districts were scattered here and there. But even a house got crushed in the fight between these two states. Because this house also got divided. Now half of this house pays tax in two states. Know the full story of this half-half house. 

Benefit of two states

However, unlike the state leaders, the home owner has no problem with this as he is getting the best of both the states. Owner Uttam Pawar said his house has eight rooms, four of which are in Telangana while the rest are in Maharashtra. Describing this house, Pawar says: 'About 12-13 of us live in this house. My kitchen is in Telangana and living room is in Maharashtra."

“When the boundary survey was done in 1969, we were told that half of our house is in Maharashtra while the other half is in Telangana,” says Pawar. We haven't had any problems. We are paying taxes to gram panchayats of both the states and getting more benefits under Telangana government schemes.

Telangana claims the village

Even though the Supreme Court has ruled that the villages belong to Maharashtra, Telangana continues to claim the villages as its share. Maharajaguda is one of these 14 villages, which is divided between two states. Not only the village, the 10-room house of the Pawar family is also divided between the two states.


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