'Har Har Shambhu' singer Farmani Naaz will be seen in Salman Khan's show Bigg Boss 16

Publish Date: 07 Aug, 2022 |

Farmani Naaz, a singer who has covered the song "Har Har Shambhu" by Abhilipsa Panda, has an exclusive interview with Jagran.com in the midst of the uproar that her brother Farman has caused. He assured us that his sister had not been the subject of any form of fatwa. He  further added that, despite abandoning her Muslim faith, she had no intention of converting to Hinduism. Farman added that his sister has a reality show offer that is still being thought upon.

Farmani Naaz to enter Bigg boss 16

Last year, Farmani Naaz and her brother Farman participated in Indian Idol. Farman revealed that his sister has received an offer for Bigg Boss 16 on Thursday in an exclusive interview,  However, the sister finds that there is a lot of fighting on "Bigg Boss," which she dislikes, so she is unable to make a decision. Farman also said that the other Bigg Boss competitors had mistreated Sapna Chaudhary, which makes my sister frightened to think about the offer she got.

Farmani Naaz to release a new song

Farmani claimed that reality television does not support artists  Farmani's father left hem a musical inheritance. Farmani recorded two additional songs in the month of Sawan in addition to "Har Har Shambhu”.

Farmani Naaz on fatwa

Farmani's personal life has been quite difficult. The husband got a second wife without divorcing his first. The in-laws additionally threatened Farmani and her brother's deaths if she expressed any disapproval.  Bhai would record his songs on his phone and share them on social media. which received a lot of likes and shares. The new single from Farmani and Farman is currently being prepared for release.


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