Healthy Diet Plan During Pregnancy I Disha Sethi

Publish Date: 15 Sep, 2022 |

A balanced diet is crucial for the mother's health and the development of the fetus during pregnancy. Without proper nourishment, the mother is more vulnerable to illness, infection, and foetal growth difficulties. Pregnant women should follow a nutritious diet that is low in sugar, salt, and saturated fats and high in nutrients. Disha Sethi outlines a pregnant woman's healthy diet plan in this video. Watch the entire video for more insightful pregnancy advice.

Healthy Diet Plan During Pregnancy

Ghiya & Amla juice in morning/ watermelon or chia seeds juice- In addition to antioxidants, amla contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin C. Because of the numerous benefits it provides and the vast amount of minerals it contains, this fruit has a variety of health advantages for pregnant women, including better digestion, relief from constipation, and purifying of the blood. However, excess of anything is bad.

Yakult or chaach-If the buttermilk is made from pasteurised milk, it is safe to consume while pregnant. However, it is advised against consuming buttermilk at night because it raises the possibility of reflux and aspiration while you sleep,

Dal & chapati or Daal & rice-Dals supply essential protein for the development and growth of every cell in the developing newborn.

Drink water-When pregnant, you should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. Numerous benefits come with water. It aids in digestion and helps the amniotic fluid that surrounds the foetus to develop.

Eat green leafy vegetables- The vitamins and minerals that expectant mothers and their unborn children require are found in dark leafy greens.They consist of calcium, iron, folate, fibre, vitamins A, C, and K, and vitamins C and K.


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