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Publish Date: 08 Nov, 2021

Ways of Including Almonds in Your Diet


Almonds are useful for removing the deficiency of various kinds of Nutrients and Vitamins in the body. Eating soaked almonds in morning is one of the most common ways of including them in your diet. But there are several other ways in which they can be eaten, Here are some of the other ways to make Almonds an essential part of your everyday life and diet :

Almond Milk: 

Instead of Cow or Buffalo milk, you can consume almond milk. Almond Milk contains less fat as compared to the milk of Cow or Buffalo. The milk is full of energy, protein and fiber. You can also use almond milk for making coffee or cereals. 


 If you eat oats or cereals in breakfast, you can add chopped almonds in them and can take almonds while eating breakfast. This makes your breakfast more nutritious.


Almonds can also be mixed in smoothie as it increases the absorption of antioxidants in the drink. 

Roasted Almonds:

 Instead of taking chips or other items in evening snacks, you can consume roasted almonds as snacks. Roasted Almonds are considered rich in fiber. Fiber rich food items keep the stomach full for long time. 

Bread toast:

 If you like bread toast, then you can try using almond butter instead of plain butter for filling the toast. Adding almond butter to bread can help in bringing the nutrients present in Almonds to your diet. It is a rich source of Mono Unsaturated fat, Protein and Fiber which is essential for heart health. 

These are the way through which you can make almonds a part of your everyday diet so that you can benefit from the nutritious elements present in it.

Benefits of Almonds


Reduces LDL or Bad Cholesterol:

Almonds have high amount of fat but the fat is unsaturated, which doesn’t increase the risk of LDL or “Bad’ Cholesterol. In addition, almonds don’t contain cholesterol at all. They are rich in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and helps in preventing the cholesterol from blocking the arteries.

Lowers Blood Sugar Level:

Almonds are also beneficial for people who  suffer from Diabetes. They are rich in good fat, protein and fiber and low in carbs. This makes them a perfect choice for people with diabetes. 

Almonds also have rich content of Magnesium which is involved in around 300 bodily processes. One of such processes is the blood sugar control. Around 25-38% people with diabetes are deficient in Magnesium. Hence, almonds can help reduce the deficiency of magnesium and consequently, control the blood sugar level.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The Magnesium present in Almonds is also beneficial for controlling blood pressure levels. Magnesium deficiency causes high blood pressure which can further lead to serious problems like heart attack, stokes, kidney failures etc. Eating almonds can help reduce the deficiency of magnesium, hence can lower the blood pressure. 

Reduces Calories Intake

As Almonds are high on fiber and proteins, they lead to the feeling of fullness. This reduces hunger as a result of which it lowers the intake of calories.

Promotes Weight Loss

Though almonds are rich in calories, they don’t promote weight-gain. Instead, they are considered helpful in weight loss. They contain several nutrients which are difficult to break down for the body.

Rich in Antioxidants

Almonds are rich in antioxidants and help in preventing the body from oxidative stress. This stress can damage molecules in cells, can lead to inflammation, ageing and fatal diseases like cancer. 



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