Himachal’s 150-Year-Old Home That Survived Deadly Earthquakes | HerZindgai| Anu Sharma

Publish Date: 16 Jan, 2023 |

India is known for its powerful, beautiful architecture. There are numerous actual examples of architects right now who are still going strong after all these years. In this video, travel influencer Anu gives you a magnificent tour of a 150-year-old home in Mansari, Himachal Pradesh, which has endured numerous catastrophic earthquakes. Watch the full video and know what kind of techniques they have used while building this home.

Himachal’s ancient earthquake surviving designs

The houses are made mostly of wood and stones and no nails are used. Stone and wood work together to create a stunning composition. Stone gives the structure weight, resulting in a low centre of gravity, and wood's flexibility holds the structure together.


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