Hindenburg Earning crores after Ruining Adani's image | Hindenburg Report On Adani | Gautam Adani- Watch Video

Publish Date: 07 Feb, 2023 |

After the report of American research and short selling firm Hindenburg, all the shares of Adani Group are falling rapidly. The difficulties of Gautam Adani have increased a lot. American research firm Hindenburg Research has made big revelations about the Adani group. It is alleged that the shares of Adani Group are overpriced. The report has also made serious allegations regarding irregularities in the accounts of the Adani group.

Shares of Adani Group Falling 

After this disclosure, selling in the shares of Adani Group dominates. The shares of Adani Group are continuously falling. There is a steady decline in the market cap. A report has caused a loss of more than 10 lakh crores in Adani's market cap. In such a situation, it is also interesting to know that how does the company itself earn? Hindenburg's main source of income is short selling. Hindenburg earns billions by short selling shares.

What is short selling?

Short selling is a trading or investment strategy. In this, a person buys stock or securities at a particular price and then sells it when the price is high, which makes a profit. Simply put, short selling is a trading strategy. In this, money is earned when the price of a share falls. If an investor knows that the shares of a company may decline in the coming time, then he can buy and sell the shares of that company when it declines. This is called short selling.



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