Hindi Poetry I Usko maine rota dekha Khuda maine yeh kya dekha I Poetry By Lovely Sharma | Her Zindagi

Publish Date: 09 Nov, 2022 |

There are times when you end up leaving someone you care about unhappy. which thus makes it very challenging for you to see. Through her poetry, Lovely Sharma has attempted to convey the same feeling. Listen to the entire poem now.

Who is Lovely Sharma?

Lovely Sharma is a young internet sensation who is incredibly well-liked by poem lovers. She is also one of the Instagram influencers with the best followings. Lovely previously talked about how her friend persuaded her to take a half-day off work to perform an open mic during an interview with a media outlet. This was Lovely's first time performing on stage. She knew it would be her first and last appearance, so her plan was to show up for the gig and leave as soon as it was her turn to sing. The performance's video became viral and received more than 500,000 views about a month later. She was surprised at how many people were interested in what she had to say.

She's been writing poetry since she was in the eighth grade. Her pens and journals were her mainstays because she used to write for herself and for her happiness. Until she realised that people engaged with it in the same way that she does with her art.


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