Hindi Poetry: तू खुद के लिए जीना सीख ले | Lovely Sharma

Publish Date: 27 Sep, 2022 |

At some point in our lives, we think we've done well by surviving. You then decide that it is time to halt and think again about your life. Lovely Sharma reads this lovely poetry, which is based on the same revelation, in this video. in order for you to feel inspired and make an informed decision.Everybody aspires to lead an individual life. However, we are absolutely oblivious of a large number of these changes in life. If you're in a situation like this and want to go past your grief and live for yourself, you must watch the entire video.

Who is Lovely Sharma?

Lovely's poetry carries you to a new world with a feeling of warmth and familiarity. As a young, gifted writer and diversified spoken word artist, she has captivated audiences with her astounding tales and performances. In addition to being beloved by poets, the young internet phenomenon Lovely Sharma is a tremendous hit online. Additionally, she has one of the biggest followings among Instagram influencers. She started composing poetry in the eighth grade. Her pens and journals were always at hand because she used to write for herself and for her enjoyment. Prior to realizing it, she had no idea that people were interacting with it similarly to how she does with her art.


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