Hindi Poetry: zindagi aur sangharsh I Poetry By Lovely Sharma | Her Zindagi

Publish Date: 01 Nov, 2022 |
Struggle is another word for life. Through this poetry, Lovely Sharma has conveyed this hardship in a very direct manner. Perhaps everyone will be able to find hope after listening to that. Watch the complete video to hear this beautiful poetry.

Who is lovely Sharma?

Young internet prodigy Lovely Sharma is adored by poetry enthusiasts. She also has one of the best followings on Instagram.  Lovely previously discussed how her friend convinced her to take a half-day off work to participate in an open mike at a public appearance. Lovely has never before taken the stage. She planned to show up for the gig and then never come again as she knew it would be her first and final appearance. A month after the performance, the video went viral and attracted more than 500,000 views. She was taken aback by the number of people who showed interest in what she had to say.
Since she was in the sixth grade, she has been writing poems.

She used to write for herself and for her happiness, thus her go-to items were pens and journals. Up until she saw that people interacted with it in a similar way to how she interacts with her paintings and this led her heart to pursue her passion.


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